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                Small Cell Multicoupler
                                                 DX-1575_N_N Small Cell Multicoupler
With the advent of new frequencies and new equipment, now requires wider band couplers and innovation to bring more
services in to buildings and infrastructure. One major requirement is now GPS for timing as well as location for cell
phones. GPS signal must be included as part of the RF services. This requirement adds some complexity to the system
because of its vulnerability to high level energy from the system itself or nearby transmitters. By combining the GPS
signal with other services will require some unique hardware. The traditional approach is multiple feed lines and or
narrow band filters. Multiple feed lines are expensive to install and expensive to maintain, so the fewer the better. From
a proof of performance per year is obvious. It would be beneficial to have a wide RF combiner with one feed line. This
would allow for simpler installation and maintenance. One approach to the problem would be two combiners one located
at the base of the tower or equipment room and the other at the top of the tower and one feed line as shown in Fig 1.
The Diplexer configuration could used this way where the equipment location would be inside the building.

The size is 10.5 X 6 X 1 5/16 inches The unit can be rack mounted or , for outside use, pole mounted.
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